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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hearing the Call

If we are all one interconnected body of life…if we are responsible to each other and for each other, how can we stand back and watch cruel and injustices inflicted upon our brothers the world over and feel little and do less? Or is it that we do feel the pain …a great pain, but when we believe that we cannot alter the events the feeling of inadequacy and helplessness is so great that as self protection we detach and retreat? Do we foresee any actions that we personally may be capable of as totally insignificant…almost laughable, like a hungry person picking up a dirty penny left on the street thinking it will make a difference. Does that feeling cause us to abandoning our intention all together?
Or do we wait for the call…the call to service…the call to action, pointing the way we can make the world, our world a better place?
Could it be that that call does rings out …every day… softly, but the volumes down and it is easily drowned out by the din of our daily demands? Or perhaps its just not the call we want to hear… because secretly we are waiting for the day that we will be in position to truly help be a hero, a big screen moment when we will summons all our courage and jump in a frozen river to save a drowning child or step into traffic to pull someone out about to get hit by a car?
How do we shift our thoughts and realize that there is far greater value in the smallest of actions than in the greatest of intentions. When will we understand the power of an action…any action, regardless the size to cause a reaction which causes yet again a reaction and so on? When will we acknowledge that innately we are all Agents of Peace and the power is ours wield in any degree we choose?
Perhaps our first step would be to turn up the volume on our inner voice…listen to our hearts and trust that as minor as a proposed action may be …it will make a difference!


John Burnham said...

Suzi: I think the only reason the world works as well as it already does is that people already take those small actions...and some take many more than a few small actions. The question you asked is how can we stand by when we witness cruelty and injustice? Probably because we could not go to work or take care of our families if we were to respond, even in a small way, to every injustice we become aware of. I think the question should be "Can we each do a little more? Can we each push a little farther than our comfort zone?" Wouldn't that make a difference? Of course, it would. So let's do it. Could be the start of something bigger.

Suzi said...

I completely agree there are so many positive things working…big ways and small ways that all make a difference in the world, and by no means do I think that abandoning our personal responsibilities for the greater good is the answer...“we must tend our own garden”.. But I do believe that many of us (at least I can) become overwhelmed and by the shear magnitude of the needs in the world and my inadequacy causes such pain in my heart that I can try to distract myself with the busyness of life …my intent with this entry was to remind myself and others that can feel this way, that when we do, rather than look away and do nothing …we can make a difference by taking small actions.

CoolDeep said...

I enjoyed this post as all your past posts.

Almost the whole of humanity seems to have become a somnambulist. Only a few like you remain, who have accepted their responsibility to make the difference. And like you have mentioned in one of your past post, only a small step can make a huge difference. So can you....


P.S: Congratulation to you and your crew, for getting selected for the Oscar, category.

Suzi said...

Hi CoolDeep...thanks for the comment.. I do have to belive that there is a great awakening going on in our world and more and more people are anwsering the thanks for always being one that gets it!
Oh as to the film...all we did was show it as part of the Bring Peace Not Pain Film Festival,many incrediable talented people created it..if you get a chance to see it you must!