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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Too Long...

I am most embarrassed to admit that it has been over a year since my last post, but I am even more humbled to have found that even without new postings, hundreds of people each month are still visiting…thank you. Please know that although this blog has been grossly neglected, Bring Peace Not Pain has continued to grow…in it own organic way, as always (please visit ).

When I first began these writings it was “2am divine inspiration“…always right around 2am, the words just came and dutifully in a sleepy haze I woke and wrote them down, I truly felt I was merely the instrument.

In the beginning is was nearly every night but gradually the time between these awakenings began to be farther and farther apart…explaining the year hiatus ( although I did feel remiss in not continuing to administer this blog, I do have to admit that I had been enjoying the full night sleep).

However seeing the consistent stream of visitors has inspired me to resurrect the blog. Being realistic about my time constraints I am committing to writing monthly, but will happily post others stories, thoughts and please share.

Thank you again for not giving up and believing I would be back.


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